Head of Year 9: Miss J Hatton

The students in Year 9 embark on a three-year GCSE and option subjects pathway. In some respects this is a good move because it gives the students a learning focus as they are now following some of their chosen subjects.

The academic year starts with a focus on the individual. The key question that I ask is ‘What impression are you making for others to see?’ Throughout the year I encourage the girls to develop their wider self as I believe that learning does not take place entirely within the confines of a classroom. I challenge the students to attempt something that have never done before and to take part in an extra curricular activity.

With that in mind, students have been elected to positions of responsibility, as set out in the table below.

Year 9 Links

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Year 9 Dates

Thursday 7th February 2019
4:00 – 7:00pm
Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 25th April 2019
4:00 – 7:00pm
Year 9 Options Evening

Positions of Responsibility

Form Group Form Captain Sports Captain Student Council Representative Press Officer

Please see ADMISSIONS you wish for your daughter to enter into Year 9