Head of Year 8: Mrs R Cox

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best possible learning experiences for all our Year 8 students so that they can achieve their full potential both academically and personally. We provide a caring and safe environment where each student feels happy and proud to achieve her absolute best at each step of her school journey.


Our aim for Year 8 students is that each girl will make fully informed choices about her GCSE option subjects so that she can continue on her path to success with set personal goals firmly established in her mind. Each student will build up her academic knowledge and learning across the curriculum to the best of her ability and she will develop personal skills and talents and consolidate friendships for the future.

In order to ensure this students will attend subject assemblies led by Heads of Department and girls will also learn about different career options in assemblies and through the msc programme delivered by their form tutors.

We encourage all Year 8 students to really get involved with school life at WGS and it is pleasing when they take part in activities such as Football Club, Echo Vocal Group and Kinisi Dance Club.

Every girl will contribute to the running of the school through the office ambassador role and each student is expected to join and take part in at least one club or extra-curricular activity this year. Students will also take part in some aspect of preparing for and/or performing for their form group assembly. There is so much to get involved with and to choose from.

Celebrating Success

Rewards for excellent attendance and punctuality will be celebrated in Year 8 assemblies with the award of certificates. The form group with the highest attendance will win and be able to display the Year 8 Attendance Cup in their form room each term. There will be recognition of positive contributions to school life throughout Year 8 and each term individual prizes will be awarded for students for this achievement. Prizes will be awarded regularly for exceptional office ambassadors and Diary of the Day submissions in each form group.

Got something to celebrate? Want to see your name published here? Let your form tutor or Mrs Cox know about your achievement so that we can celebrate your success.

Year 8 Links

Year 8 Summer Homework Project
Inspirational Women Project

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Careers Links:
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Year 8 Dates

Thursday 22nd November 2018
4:00 – 7:00pm
Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Year 8 Press Officers' Reports

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Year 8 Office Ambassadors' Page

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Year 8 Dreams and Aspirations

Molly-Ann Robinson 8P

When I am older I want to be an air hostess, as well as an animal carer. I would like to be an air hostess because I love to travel and see places all around the world, I would also like to be an animal carer as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I love looking after animals.
I am going to focus on the main subjects that I will need to get to these places, I’m going to work hard to get where I want to be.

Hannah Cole 8P

When I am older I want to be an astronomer and a meteorologist, as well as using art as a hobby. I also would like to help to get rid of cancer and to get people to quit smoking. I would also like to help find life on other planets or even find other planets out of our solar system!
I would like to get good grades in my GCSEs so I can get the job want. I would like to be successful in my career and to encourage other people to do their best as well. I believe that I will reach this goal if I work to my best and try harder.

Positions of Responsibility

Form Group Form Captain Sports Captain Student Council Representative Press Officer
8A Amelia Brown Madison McNaughton Evie Woodcraft Abigail Clements
8C Kayla Baker
Lylah Quin-Mercer (dep)
Megan Xiouris
Rebecca Tommy-Mbogba
Annamaria Ezeugwu Annamaria Ezeugwu
Lilian Goold-Davies
8F Angel  Alaoye Lexi Kilshaw-Smallman Lily Connor Brooke Humphrey
8J Jessica Michacz Lainey-Jaye Cheeseman Lainey-Jaye Cheeseman Isabella Andrews
8N Ellie Tucker Freya Sharp-Wilby Rosie Chapman Rosie Chapman
Sophie Maynard
8P Elleece Hayward Keira-Lea Gray Halle Judd Lauren Woodger

Charity Representatives have been appointed as follows:

8A:  Chloe Brooks and Olivia Dalligan
8C:  Chloe Bowles, Maria Farooq and Emily Whitton
8F:  Madison Search
8J:  Skye Balcombe and Amy Coultrip
8N:  Alice Birdsey and Trinity Ford
8P:  Freya Parsons

Please see ADMISSIONS if you wish for your daughter to enter into Year 8