Head of Year 10: Mrs C Richards

Students in Year 10 have settled back into their GCSE option subjects with many of them excited to be learning new skills.

As a year group we now have assemblies on Tuesday mornings and this term we will be exploring strategies to deal with friendship problems and also reflecting on behaviour. These are two really important issues because at this time in their school life they need to be concentrating on their GCSE qualifications.

The girls in Year 10 are now one third of a way into their GCSEs and are now seen as senior members of the school. They are all expected to be positive role models for the younger students which means they must be behaving appropriately at all times and wearing the correct uniform every day.

Form times will consist of structured activities and assemblies. Year 10 form tutors will be carrying out monitoring of girls’ progress in all subjects during some form times and so I ask that all Year 10 students have some reading or revision materials with them in their bag to do while waiting for their turn.

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Year 10 Dates

Monday 17th – Friday 21st June 2019
Year 10 Mock Exams

Positions of Responsibility

Form Group Form Captain Sports Captain Student Council Representative Press Officer
10A Chantilly Dennard Victoria Onuegbu
Stephanie Greenstreet
Stephanie Greenstreet Lilly-Anne Adie
10C Shannon Brown Sophie Adzic Lillie-Rose Moore Lily Ashby
10F Yasmin Kirtay Christiana Alaoye
Austina Sandy
Shayleigh Tidman
10J Deborah Olawuyi Phoebe Duffy Devon Barnwell Jessica Belton
10N Roxanne Dimblebee Jessica Allen Roxanne Dimblebee Leah Mount
10P Sarah Edmonds-Magee Chloe Pearson Leoni Henderson Lucy Da’Val

Charity Representatives have been appointed as follows:

10A:  Sophia Benkheira
10C:  Holly Gimbrere
10F:  Olivia Read and Keri Stewart
10J:  Anaya Rai
10N:  Abbi Isherwood
10P:  Molly Lee

Anti-Bullying Representatives have been appointed as follows:

10A:  Rhianna Millsom
10C:  Charlotte Allen
10F:  Frankie Churchward and Talia Coveney
10J:  Connie Finn
10N:  Lily-Louise Burbidge
10P:  Kaitlin Folland

Please see ADMISSIONS if you wish for your daughter to enter into Year 10