Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and mean different things.

The word HOMOPHONE comes from the Greek ‘homo’ which means ‘the same’ and ‘phone’ which means ‘sound’.

Examples of Homophones

there, their, they’re
by, buy, bye
see, sea
two, to, too
where, wear
witch, which
you, ewe, yew

Can you think of more?


Take care

Take care: sometimes we make words into homophones if we pronounce them incorrectly.

Examples: FEEL and FILL or OUR and ARE

These words should sound different when you pronounce them, and if you do this correctly you are less likely to make a mistake!



Read and identify where the homophones are and correct the spelling:

I maid my weigh down the rode. Suddenly eye sore a wight hoarse.
‘Ware are ewe off two? aye asked.
‘Too sea the see and watch the son go down.’
‘Isle come with yew,’ I said.
Sew, I court him and wee road together, wile the wind blue in hour hare.