Dictionary and Thesaurus

To use a dictionary or thesaurus you need to know your alphabet:

Dictionary Challenge!

Can you put the following words in alphabetical order according to how you would find them in a dictionary?

acrobat, danger, gauge, juice, monsoon, behaviour, cymbal, Eskimo, hour, follow, livelihood, orange, nightmare, kite, interrogate


Words beginning with the same letter

What happens when lots of words begin with the same letter?

acrobat, agent, advice, affection, appendix

Yes! You must look to the second letter to order the words:

acrobat, advice, affection, agent, appendix


Words beginning with the same two letters

It gets even more complicated when there are lots of words beginning with the same two letters:

acrobat, accordion, academy, accommodate

Here, you have to go to the third letter, and sometimes even the fourth:

academy, accommodate, accordion, acrobat


What is a thesaurus?

A thesaurus is used to find different ways of saying a particular word.

For example, glad, pleased or joyful can be used used instead of happy.

Like a dictionary, a thesaurus is in alphabetical order, which means that words can be found easily.


Thesaurus Challenge!

Using a thesaurus, find five other words that mean:

able, work, travel, method, home, say