Details of all the homework set will be posted on the Walderslade Girls’ School section of the Class Charts site

The Purpose of Homework

To encourage pupils to develop the practice of independent study and original thought

To allow pupils to develop perseverance and self-discipline

To allow pupils to practice the skills learned in the classroom

To allow pupils to prepare for coming class work

To enable pupils to cover more ground and make further progress according to their individual ability

To enable teachers to concentrate in the classroom on those activities which require their presence

To open up areas of study and to make possible the use of materials and sources of information which are not accessible in the classroom

To strengthen the educational partnership between parents and teachers by providing a means by which teachers can encourage parents to become more actively involved in their child’s formal education

Examples of tasks set

Completing and/or extending work begun in class

Exercises from worksheets and text books

Creative writing

Learning specific work e.g. formulae, vocabulary

Revising work previously learnt

Reading specific or chosen texts

Carrying out investigations, personal research, writing case studies, conducting surveys

Illustrating work with maps, diagrams, statistical data and paintings

Collecting materials

Making models or apparatus

Homework Timetable

Students in Years 9, 10 and 11

Staff will set homework each week in English, mathematics, science and option subjects. ICT and ethics will set homework fortnightly.

Students in Years 7 and 8

Staff will set homework each week in English, mathematics and science. ICT, ethics, history, geography, MFL, creative and visual arts will set homework fortnightly.