Fixture List 2016 - 2017

Monday 26th September Football Oasis Academy U13 Home Lost 1-0 (see report)
Thursday 29th September Indoor Rowing Medway schools All Greenacre  
Thursday 29th September Netball Brompton Academy Y8&9 Brompton Academy
Monday 3rd October Netball Chatham Grammar U16 Chatham Grammar
Monday 3rd October Football Valley Park U14 Home
Thursday 6th October Football Spires Academy U16 Spires Academy Won 8-2 (see report)
Monday 10th October Netball Fort Pitt Y7&8 Fort Pitt Y7 won 7-3
Y8 lost 2-8
Thursday 13th October Badminton Medway Schools All Medway Park  
Monday 17th October Netball Hundred of Hoo Y8 Home Won 8-1
Monday 7th November Netball Rainham Girls U16 Home
Wednesday 9th November Football Brompton Academy U13 Brompton Academy
Thursday 10th November Rugby Union Medway Schools All Medway Park  
Wednesday 16th November Netball Brompton Academy Y7 Home Lost 2-1 (see report)
Thursday 17th November Cross Country Medway Schools All SJWMS  See report
Monday 21st November Netball Hundred of Hoo Y7&U16 Hundred of Hoo
Thursday 24th November Netball Robert Napier Y9&U16 Robert Napier Y9 lost 6-3
U16 lost 6-0
Thursday 1st December Handball Medway Schools All Medway Park  
Thursday 15th December Futsal Medway Schools All Medway Park  
Thursday 12th January Sportshall Athletics Medway Schools All Howard
Monday 23rd January Netball Fort Pitt Y9&U16 Fort Pitt
Monday 30th January Netball Rainham Girls Y7&8 Rainham Girls
Thursday 23rd January Netball Robert Napier Y7&8 Home
Monday 6th March Netball Y7&8    
Wednesday 16th March Netball Medway Schools Y7 Home
Thursday 11th May Cricket Medway Schools All Lordswood
Thursday 25th May Super 8 Athletics Medway Schools Y8 Medway Park  
Thursday 22nd June Rounders Medway Schools All Rainham Girls
Thursday 6th July Athletics Medway Schools All Medway Park