Summer Holiday Work for Year 12 students going into Year 13

Faculty of Creative and Visual Arts

Miss Watson

Read and make detailed notes about technology and marketing. Put this information into your own words and create a revision pack.
Advertising worksheets VERY DETAILED
convergence info

Faculty of Humanities

Miss Clark

Complete the quizzes on memrise for all Year 12 topics. Repeat as much as possible to embed the information. Also read from the chapter on Ethical Language from the Robert Bowie book given by Mrs Wheeler.

Mrs Wheeler (12A)
Continue your reading of the Ethical Language Unit and complete the activities as part of the reading.

Mr Elphick

Students are reminded that their essay is due to be handed in on 10th September.

Faculty of Performing Arts

Mr Bennett

Students are reminded that they were previously asked for a second submission for Unit 362. The deadline was 13th July, so if this has not been handed in, it needs to be completed.

Faculty of English

English Literature
Ms Neave

Wider reading in preparation for coursework.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Health and Social Care
Ms Cleaves

Use the following websites to research and make notes on the Sociology of Health. You need to specifically know about the various perspectives.

Ms Cleaves

The Sociology of Belief.
Read and make notes on the following website focusing specifically on Functionalism and Marxism.

Mrs Cox

Crime project: read carefully and follow the instructions in the attached document.
crime project