Summer Holiday Work for Year 10 students going into Year 11

Faculty of Creative and Visual Arts

Miss Murrin

Create a diary Project to record your summer holidays on a concertina booklet, creating art works and collages as you go.

Miss Watson

Complete your Statement of Intent. The Statement of Intent must be submitted with your music magazine production and is a compulsory element of your coursework module. If you do not submit it, you will be limited to a maximum of 18 marks out of 30, however good your music magazine may be.
Using the template provided, aim to write between 250 -300 words, do not exceed the word count. Use the bullet points on the template to help you write it and also use the work we have done in class. You can write your Statement of Intent on a word document to check the word count. This must be handed in to me in the first media lesson in September.
Your second task is to read the information about Radio 1 Live Lounge and produce a fact sheet about what you have learned. Log onto the links provided in the pack to help with your understanding. This directly relates to what we will be studying in September.

Statement of Intent
Statement of Intent help sheet

Mr Blackburn

Students are asked to choose and develop their chosen question from the paper, and to take an initial set of photographs in response to their question so they can upload images at the start of the new year.

GCSE Art and Design Photography Component 2

Miss George

1. Students are to develop their movement and light project using the checklist provided.
2. This should include a new photoshoot of their own that makes links to the theme.

Ms Yssennagger

1. Students are to finish their mind maps on Settled/Unsettled and Frida Kahlo.
2. Make a mood board on Frida Kahlo and Mexico which must be vibrant and colourful, and include text and textures.
3. Make a double page artist research about Frida Kahlo’s life and clothes, including a fashion design that incorporates some of these ideas.

Faculty of Sport, Business, ICT and Nutrition

Computer Science
Mrs Connolly (10S1/10W1)

Students are to research various cyber security threats and issues as detailed on the help sheet.

Cyber Security Research Task

Mrs Chapman

1. Correct your mock exam, do any questions you left blank. You should know this as we have been through this in class.
2. If you have still not handed in your coursework PART 1 this must be completed by the 1st lesson back. I have attached the guidelines that you have already worked from. Please just do Part 1 up to Page 20. Strengths and weaknesses of fitness and strengths and weaknesses of components of fitness. It is important that everyone has completed up to the end of Part 1 as we will be starting Part 2 in Year 11.

NEA Coursework-booklet
NEA Coursework-booklet (Word format)

Faculty of Humanities

Mrs Louvez (10B)

1. Mock Writing Paper – when given a choice of two questions, complete the other question.
2. Learn personalised list of ‘common mistakes to be avoided’.
3. Do your weekly tasks.

Mrs Haysman (10C) and Mrs Haythorpe (10B)

Students are to retry the questions they didn’t perform well in on on both mock papers. Copies of both papers will be provided.

Faculty of Maths

Mrs Virdi (10S2)
Students have been given two exam papers to complete.

Mrs Virdi (10W3)
Students have been set various MyMaths tasks to complete. These will begin on 19th July and the due date for completion is 31st August.

Miss Williams (10S3)
Students have been set 10 revision MyMaths tasks to complete.

Faculty of Performing Arts

Miss Stow

Start/continue to write up your NEAT log books for learning Aim A of Component 2. All students should have rough versions to copy up.

Mr Bennett

Students have been set a research task for the next unit of the BTEC. Students are to research action film music (James Bond, Mission Impossible etc), reality TV music (Big Brother, TOWIE, Love Island etc) and drama music (EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale etc), and identify characteristics of the music involved. Students should write down what they discover. This will enable them to return to school in September and begin composing straight away. I have explained this to the class and given them a copy of the paperwork.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Child Development
Mrs Cox

Use the attached resources to help you complete your introductory letter, introductory questionnaire and introductory observation. You also need to make sure you have completed Task 1 on Development 0 – 5, and Task 2 Types of play and benefits of play.

1 letter and questionnaire guide
2 Child Study Summer Holiday Task
2 introductory observation
2 introductory observation (Word format)

Child Development
Miss Eastwood (10B)

Continue with research and creating your booklet on ‘Weaning and Healthy Eating for Children’ using the help sheet provided.

Health and Social Care
Mrs Cox

Make sure you complete your draft coursework on services and overcoming barriers using the case study. Use the attached guide sheet to help you.

2 LA A services and barriers guide sheet

Health and Social Care
Miss Eastwood (10A/10C)

Continue with coursework (Care Values or Services and Barriers) using the help sheets given.